79 West Street North, Orillia, ON    L3V 5C1
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Facilities Overview

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The Building


Our business is housed in a historical and elegant Victorian gothic mansion, which has been restored to the original splendor of that era.  These surroundings have enabled us to offer the outstanding care and comfort which has become synonymous with the name "Mundell Funeral Home."



Visitation Parlours


Parlour A



We have three visitation parlours ranging in size, each tastefully appointed and decorated in keeping with the grandeur of the building.

 Parlour B




Our well appointed chapel provides an intimate and peaceful setting for small gatherings, but can also comfortably seat up to 120 guests in the cushioned pews.  When additional capacity is required, adjacent rooms and parlours are equipped with closed circuit monitors and audio feed from the chapel.

Arrangement OfficeAccessibility


All meetings, visitations, and services can be accessed without the use of any stairs. The rear parking lot entry, visitation parlours, chapel, reception centre, and bathrooms are all on the main level.


Arrangement offices, selection room, lounge, and additional bathrooms are located on the upper level and can be reached by stairs or the use of our elevator.



Reception Facilities


Our private, non-smoking reception facilities are conveniently located in-house and can be accessed without the use of stairs.Reception Facilities (1) Reception Facilities (2)

We provide the staffing to assist in serving the food and beverages and our caterer will accommodate special requests or provide a traditional fare of assorted sandwiches, relish and cheese trays, and various desserts.

If preferred, families or organizations are welcome to provide their own food, which we will arrange for presentation and serve to your guests.




Gatherings of any size can be accommodated, with free parking onsite for 70 vehicles. In addition, we are one block north of a large municipal pay parking lot and two bordering streets permit non-metered parking.