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"That which is good to be done, cannot be done too soon; and if it is neglected to be done early, it will frequently happen that it will not be done at all."
- Bishop Mant



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"An act of love, a tender and affectionate consideration for the needs of your family".

The death of a loved one is clinically documented as one of the most difficult and stressful of life's experiences. Immediately following a death, there can be as many as 50 important decisions to be made in the planning of a meaningful funeral service. Therefore, a suitable funeral service should be planned long before the time of need when decisions can be made without extra complications caused by the psychological and emotional effects of grief.

What is a Pre-Arranged Funeral? 
  • A written funeral plan filed with the funeral director
  • A practical way of determining and recording an individual's wishes regarding funeral services in advance
  • It is not a difficult or complicated task
  • It is simply an opportunity to carefully plan your arrangements
  • It serves as a guide to family and friends
  • Any type of funeral, whether simple or elaborate, can be pre-arranged
Why Pre-Arrange? 

There are advantages! Most people plan for an orderly conclusion to life with a Will, adequate life insurance benefits and pension plans. The prearranged funeral is also an important part of your estate planning. Decisions can be made, with your own desires in mind, regarding the professional services required, the type of casket, suggestions for the funeral itself and preferences for earth burial, entombment or cremation.

When you discuss a prearranged funeral with a funeral director, it is your chance to ask questions an get clear, concise answers. It is the time to be sure you fully understand what services are performed and why. This is also the time to determine what costs are involved. With this information in hand, intelligent, informed decisions can be made.
When a death occurs, a period of adjustment begins for family and friends. The prearranged funeral saves them from having to make important decisions pertaining to final arrangements during a time of emotional stress. It is a practical idea that makes sense.

What are the "Benefits" of Pre-Planning? 

Most people attain a sense of relief knowing that "everything" is taken care of. At the time of death, most decision-making will have been done thus leaving your family the essential and less complicated time to grieve together by focusing on memories rather than business.

Planning helps to ensure that your wishes are fulfilled. Unlike arrangements made once a death has occurred, with pre-planning you have the option of making future changes or adjustments if a decision is reconsidered. For those with little or no family, family who do not live locally, or family who travel, a pre-planned funeral can eliminate unnecessary delays at the time of death. For those who travel, pre-planning could once again save unnecessary delays at the point of death as well as unnecessary expenses.

Make decisions with a clear mind and without emotional stress and pressure. Exercising the option of prepayment can result in substantial saving as you receive inflation-proof protection. It is estimated that the cost of funerals is doubling approximately every 10 years. If prepaid at today's cost, neither your family nor your estate will be affected when our prices change. Your cost is locked in.

Can't I just include my funeral preferences in my Will? 

No. Although an up-to-date Will is a vital part of estate planning, it is important to have your funeral preferences recorded separately with a funeral home. Often a Will is not even opened until after the funeral services have taken place.

Who Should Pre-arrange a funeral? 

Any one who:

  • Wishes to save others that responsibility later
  • Wishes to minimize family conflict and confusion at an emotionally stressful time
  • Is responsible for the care of someone else
  • Wants to make his/her own wishes known
  • Is a senior citizen entering a residential or nursing home
  • Has no one capable or perhaps willing to make funeral arrangements at time of death
  • Travels or whose family travels
  • Wishes to pay the least amount of money for his/her services

Every one should at least consider a prearranged funeral, regardless of age or background.

What do I include in my pre-arrangement? 

Any funeral, regardless of how simple or elaborate, can be pre-arranged. The plan will fit the needs of your family as well as your own wishes and customs. In addition to your vital statistics, you can include preferences relating to any or all of the following:

  • Type of services to be provided
  • Cremation, burial, entombment
  • Casket/vault/urn selection
  • Clothing/jewelry to be worn
  • Length of visitation
  • Funeral service or memorial
  • Location and style of service and reception
  • Service content (music, scripture, poetry, other readings, officiant, eulogy)
  • Names of pallbearers
  • Newspaper notice content, specified memorial donations
  • Personal touches (photographs, memorabilia for table of remembrance, flowers, favorite food or colors, how I want to be remembered)
What "Vital Statistics" are needed and why? 

In Ontario every death, like every birth or marriage, must be registered. In order for the funeral director to complete the required documentation we record the following:

  • Name, address, birth date, and birth place
  • Social Insurance Number
  • Full name of spouse (including maiden name of wife)
  • Most recent occupation
  • Mother's and father's names and birth places
  • Name and address of executor(rix) and next of kin
How much does a funeral cost? 

There are many variables involved. Depending on the services and merchandise selected costs may range greatly.

The Mundell Funeral Home offers a full range of services from immediate cremation or burial to traditional services involving visitation, funeral, reception services and facilities. Our price list is itemized. Every arrangement is unique. Your choices will determine the overall expense.

Pre-planning is your opportunity to gather the relevant facts and make informed decisions with a clear mind..

Is There A Cost to Pre-Arranging? 

No. This is a service that we provide, free of charge, to the public. During a pre-arrangement meeting current costs will be explained and pre-funding options offered.

Should I PrePay? 

Although there are no requirements to prepay when you prearrange a funeral, you may wish to consider doing so. Prepayment is a safe investment in peace of mind. All pre-paid funds must be deposited on your behalf into a registered financial institution within ten days of receipt. Tax shielded interest is earned on these funds until withdrawn at the time of the beneficiary's death. Federal and provincial legislation protect all pre-paid funds. You receive inflation proof protection and substantial savings. There are no disadvantages.

What are my payment options? 

By prepaying through the Mundell Funeral Home, you receive inflation-proof protection whether you prepay all at once or over time. With or without a deposit you may use the following options:

  • Single payment
  • Monthly, semi-annually or annually over 1,2,3, 4, 5,6 ,7 8, 9, 10 or 15 years
  • For your convenience, automatic withdrawals can be made from your account, or charged to your Visa or Master Card, on a date specified by you
What happens if I relocate? 

If you move, your arrangements and prepaid funds move with you. The Mundell Funeral Home, upon written request, will transfer all pre-arrangement file information to a funeral home of your choice in your new area. Your funds are fully portable. The new funeral home is simply assigned to the certificate in which the funds are kept.

Through our many associations, the Mundell funeral Home can also assist you in finding a reputable funeral home in your new area-even if outside Ontario or Canada.

What if my death does not occur locally? 

Wherever a death occurs, the family should first contact the funeral home where the pre-arrangments were made. This hometown funeral director will assume responsibility for the return of the deceased to his/her community. If necessary, they will engage the services of a funeral director in the place of death to act as their agent.

The Mundell Funeral Home offers a travel assurance plan that covers any/all applicable costs, (body preparation, air/land transportation, other funeral home charges, documentation, shipping container, etc.) in the event of death anywhere outside our service area..

How do I pre-arrange a funeral? 

Contact our firm and set up an appointment to discuss the options and decisions involved in funeral planning, either at your residence or at the funeral home.

Allow yourself ample time to ask all your questions, (most meetings are approximately one hour). It is a good idea to make yourself a list of everything you would like to know. All your questions will be answered openly and honestly.

We encourage you to include family members (or designated legal representative i.e. Power of attorney and/or Executor) in your decision making and even at your meeting. Many look at pre-arrangement as a guide but also should consider the wishes of the survivors. Keep in mind that the funeral rite is a process that allows survivors the opportunity to meet their own emotional and psychological needs. Therefore, while the funeral is of the person who has died, it is for those who are left behind.